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Eventide’s goal is to equip you to impact the world for good through your investments.

Dollars invested with the mission of creating compelling value for the global common good.
(As of 03/31/2022)

Eventide launched their flagship fund and began to pursue investing that makes the world rejoice®.

Strategies designed to complement each others’ investment approach and asset classes.
Employees with unique backgrounds ranging from medical professionals to environmental specialists.
(As of 09/30/2021)

Eventides Investment Ideals

Respecting the value and freedom of all people

This includes the right to life at all stages and freedom from addictive behaviors caused by gambling, pornography, tobacco and alcohol. 

Demonstrating a concern for justice and peace

This includes fair and ethical relationships with customers, suppliers, and business partners and avoidance of products and services that promote weapons production and proliferation.

Promoting family and community

The includes protecting children from violent forms of entertainment and also includes serving low-income communities.

Exhibiting responsible management practices

This includes fair dealing with employees, communities, competitors, suppliers and customers as demonstrated by a company’s record regarding litigation, regulatory actions against the company and its record of promoting products and services that improve the lives of people. 

Practicing environmental stewardship

This includes practices considered more sustainable than those of industry peers, reduction in environmental impact when compared to previous periods, and/or the use of more efficient and cleaner energy sources. 

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