The word, “steward” is not commonly used in today’s vernacular.  Many people hear this word and think it’s referring to someone who works on a ship or plane.  Steward actually translates most closely in Greek as οἰκονόμον (pronounced “oikonomon”) to the word we know as “manager”.   


You have probably heard the term “Money Manager” from other financial institutions, but this commonly used title is generally not rooted in what the word steward was meant to mean. 


So what is Stewardship Investing?

We are glad you asked!  The way we approach the idea of stewardship at Devoted Capital is based on our fundamental belief that all we have belongs to the Lord.  Our leadership team and a larger percentage of our employees are devout Christians, and we run our company with the boldness and confidence that we get from the truths of the Bible.

God’s word is very clear when it comes to the idea of managing things. Stewards have authority over things but ultimately work for and answer to the owner. In other words, we are free servant workers for the Lord!  This belief that we are ultimately accountable to God for every decision we make whether it’s regarding our own finances or our clients, enables us to hold ourselves to a much higher standard.  God’s Standard.

A biblical steward is someone who is diligent, hardworking, willing to take reasonable risks, and believes their actions reap eternal consequences.  When working with an advisor from Devoted Capital, you can be sure they have this eternal perspective. Knowing this, the real question is…why would you want to invest your money any other way?

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